About Mike Sheehan

Mike is photographer with a designer's eye and hand. From his childhood experiments with his first Kodak Brownie through his studies in photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Mike has been passionate about capturing the essence of a scene or subject. Through the last three decades Mike has used his keen eye for detail and composition in designing and working with images of every kind–from static to motion, offline, online and interactive. He has built a strong repertoire as a designer and developer across mediums working for clients of every kind.

He understands what motivates and creates effective communication from his experience working for brands like Revlon and Calvin Klein and building great global brands at FutureBrand. Mike's focus on photography has come full circle, with his accumulated experience adding to his visual language. His tool of choice is his camera and his perspective has been sharpened by his desire to push his abilities to capture the unique.